Friday, August 8, 2008

D-181: Useless Filler

I have been up at the Victory Base Complex for the last week attending a very boring class. That is why there has been no post in 6 days.

The VBC sucks; it is too big, and the majority of the people there are not “war-fighters,” they are logisticians and bureaucrats; they work nine to five, they write speeding tickets and cry about eye protection and reflective belts. They worry about having Sundays off, and making it to their kick-boxing class on time. Not to mention, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an O-6 or above.

There were two things about VBC I was looking forward to; first, they have water, so I thought I might see some colorful birds, I did not. I saw a lot of bats though. Second, they have a Cinnabon, which is delicious; but Cinnabon was closed.

I did get to see a bunch of my Navy and Air Force friends from my original class, and that was a blast. I had people to console me about the Cinnabon being closed and it was really fun to bitch about my job and bitch about the Army to people who really understand. So it was not a total loss.

I am not feeling terrible funny right now, my back hurts. I try to avoid posting when I am not funny. The end.


Anonymous said...

They're my nuts and I'll cup their texture if I want to, HOMO!

Unknown said...

I still hate the new format. I had to increase text size on my monitor just to read the words... I think I'm going to start reading Sandy Salt's blog instead of yours.

Anonymous said...

old format > new format

Put me on record as saying Cinnabon is the devil's work. Only in America (or America's little towel-headed offshoot Iraq), can you cram 800+ calories into one little goddamn bun. I hate you, you delicious deliverer of love handles.

Also, for the record, i'm not a big fan of the Favre move. Seeing Pennington in a buttsex blue Dolphins jersey doesn't irk me, but this weird, un-Jet like optimism is hard to get used to.

Hang in there D.B., you're down to less than 6 months.

Sandy Salt said...

Has anyone else noticed that if you comment on this blog for any time you end up dead? Bernie, we hardly knew you. Estelle, it was time. There are some that should go that route, but who is to say who's next. Be careful out there.

VBC does indeed suck. They have completely lost the big picture there and because they are way to close to the flagpole. It is a nice place to visit and get a Cinnabon, but the sooner you get out of there the better or you might end up with some weird fobbit funk.

Anonymous said...

That cat Sandy don't know shit... what'chu talkin' about jive turkey.

That refrigerator is one bad motha... you got soul baby - whoosh... yeah.

Sandy Salt said...

Sorry, Isaac missed you. So, am I right? Who's next? I hope it isn't Jesse because I want him to run for President in 2012.