Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hit the Lights!

As my transition out of the Navy is rapidly approaching, I’ve decided to do some final tidying up around here and consider The Augmentee blog officially a wrap. I’ve attempted to fix some of the more egregious formatting errors (while ignoring the ones that were too much a nuisance to fix) and deleted some of the more misguided if not outright offensive posts (because the internet is forever).

It was tempting to alter or add clarifying information to some of the old posts as I reviewed them, but for the sake of posterity I have decided to leave well enough alone. I haven’t decided how long I will continue to claim the domain name, but it only costs $12/year and I am admittedly sentimentally attached to it.

As my naval career comes to a close, it is clear that this IA assignment will stand out as one of the defining events of my 8+ years of service. The maintaining of this blog and the overwhelming response to it was extremely fun, and helped keep me sane for the duration of the deployment.

Thanks for playing along, don’t forget to buy a T-Shirt on your way out the door.