Monday, June 9, 2008

D-241: Bottle Peeing II: The Plot Thickens

The sign above was posted on every trash can and on the walls up and down the hallway the day after my original post. It is possible that someone here has discovered my blog and is fucking with me; it is much more likely that one of the Joes responsible for collecting the trash has gotten tired of hauling 300 pounds of other peoples piss out to the dumpster. It is very unlikely that this is an order from on high; of which a violation will carry some kind of legitimate punishment. So my conclusion is that we bottle pissers are facing some sort of “Joe Ninja” revenge scheme, should we be caught dumping our wares into the trash bins.

So while a Joe punishment may not be a legitimate punishment, he has the power to make it an actual punishment none-the-less. “Personnel caught, will be dealt with” is ominous language indeed; perhaps the sign poster should be taken seriously. After all, how much do you want to screw with a person who has access to a virtually limitless supply of bottled urine? I could come back to the room one day and have gallons of piss dripping from my ceiling tiles. That certainly would not improve conditions in my scorpion infested abode.

So now my moral dilemma has turned into a risk vs reward analysis. I do love peeing in the bottle; and I’m reasonably certain I could make it to my urine bottle dump spot undetected; but the consequences could be disastrous. This is a tough one; your thoughts?

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