Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The weight of this rapid deployment was grinding on my nerves a bit today. I had modest goals for the day; I would spend the morning completing the required Navy Knowledge Online courses. Which are always a nuisance, but usually you just click through a powerpoint, take a test, and print off a certificate. I would turn over the remainder of my NROTC duties in the afternoon. Nice little Wednesday actually.

Then I had a two hour meeting with my CO, who has been on IA before. and had a lot of very sound advice on the difference between tax deferred and tax exempt TSP contributions, and told me about something called a Savings Deposit Program (I think that's what it's called), which guarantees a 10% return on up to $10,000 for the length of your deployment.

It was after lunch when I finally got around to NKO. First, my browser was improperly configured; by the time I fixed it, I had to go to a staff meeting which took forever. I got back to NKO at 1500. I started the first required course, M-16 Safety. Infuriatingly this is required even though I am not being issued an M-16. Instead of powerpoint format, the M-16 brief is a video presentation. It is given in 2-3 minutes segments, and it takes the crappy applet about 20 seconds to load in between. So the presentation itself is 2 hours long, and you can not pause it, so each time you get interrupted, you have to restart a segment.

Frustrated beyond belief, I skipped to the test. The test asked a series of bizarre and specific questions, and I failed my first 4 attempts. So I quit and went home. I suppose I'll try again tomorrow.
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