Monday, March 10, 2008

Corrections - Blog 1 Explained

In my first Blog of this series, I wrote the following:
"They lulled me to sleep; after all, I am currently first alternate on a different set of orders."
This statement is not true, the orders which I received are in fact the very same set for which I am prime alternate. The truth is, I had dismissed the possibility of having to go fill that role, so that is my fault, and not Big Navy screwing me. Further, I was supposed to have been completing this checklist as the alternate, in preparation for this exact circumstance. A task which I knowingly blew off.

Second, RFF-611 references the "Request For Forces" that generated the billet that I am going to fill. The billet is described as "Battalion EWO" but is really best described in this Sea Power article;

Navy's New Crew

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