Tuesday, March 18, 2008

D-322: Another Trip to Wright-Patterson

I had a flight physical and a will execution meeting scheduled for today at WPAFB. I got the reminder call about the physical yesterday, which was one of those recordings that said my appointment was at 0830. I had planned on getting there a little early, which is usually a good practice for any kind of military medical or administrative appointment, since they schedule ten people for the same block of time every day, being early gets you in first.

Well, the last appointment I had was during the big blizzard, this one was during a torrential downpour. I know I have mentioned that WPAFB is about an hour away, but I don't think I mentioned that more than half of that is along windy, one-lane, country roads with no shoulder, so inclement weather can cause any undetermined amount of time delay, depending on what kind of yahoo you get stuck driving behind.

I arrived at 0840 thinking I'm only ten minutes late, so I signed in and took my seat. The Air Force lady behind the desk came out and said "you know you're appointment was at 0800" in a very pissy tone. I cheerfully replied that was incorrect, my appointment was at 0830. She snapped back at me that "You have to be here a half hour early for your hearing and eye exam because you're a flyer, and they told you that when you made the appointment."

So, wondering how she could possibly know whether or not I was told that when I made my appointment, but unable to dispute it because I rarely pay attention to people I am talking on the phone with, I just smiled and asked her to make me another appointment.

I would have liked very much to tell her to fuck off and go get someone without the shitty attitude to help me, and there was a time not so long ago when that is exactly what I would have done, but that would be counter-productive, and I have a too much to do. Usually Air Force people are so cheerful, I wonder what this chicks problem is.

The moral of the story is, if you have a Flight Physical at an Air Force Base, be very early.

Now I have to go back to WPAFB twice next week which is just terrific. Maybe there will be a tornado or a volcano eruption for me to drive through next time.

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