Monday, March 24, 2008

D-318: Math is Tough

IA prep has been pretty slow-going, but in the interest of continuity I thought I'd throw a post together anyhow.

First order of business is correcting the D number. I had it all jacked up for some reason, but I am pretty sure it is correct now. The 304 days on my orders start on April 7, so I believe I'm at D-318 right now. I'm not sure how I got that wrong; math is hard.

I took care of all my shopping. I have a new camera, a new laptop with extra batteries, some cool sunglasses, and some fancy pants new luggage. I've got a Skype account set up to video chat with my wife, which turned out to be extremely easy to set-up and to use. I've heard that a lot of guys have pretty decent internet set-up, depending on where you end up getting stationed, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Tomorrow and Wednesday are back to WPAFB, so stand by for more complaining. I spent the morning making that picture at the top of the screen; enjoy!

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