Thursday, October 16, 2008

D-105: Blog Silence = 10 Days

I may be off the web for about 10 days, so I’ll see you all when I get back. Please feel free to clutter the blog with idiotic comments. I deleted the last post for privacy reasons; I wanted to leave it up for a few days to give old “McLovin” a chance to prove that he actually has some information and isn’t just some moron who happens to have seen the movie Superbad. Congratulations jerk! Everyone in my chain of command assures me that his comment was bullshit anyway, and that there is no plan in place to move me. Sadly, I trust the anonymous movie quoting blog commenter more than I do them.

Once a month or so, I receive an e-mail from someone who happened upon the blog, thanking me for giving them some insight as to what their upcoming IA deployment will be like. While I’m happy that people are enjoying it, it is kind of depressing that Sailors are forced to turn to the world of ego-bloggers to get any information on what their upcoming deployment will be like. I think that shows that although the Navy has been in the IA business for about five years, they aren’t getting any better at it.

While I was home on leave, I spoke with my CO, and he asked me some specific questions about the IA because he was hosting some muckity-muck from the CNOs office that happened to have a heavy hand in IA tasking. Listing my grievances, I realized that the most stressful part of this whole deployment so far was the disorganization of the Navy on the front end. It seems the Navy pre-deployment support policy is still “Good luck, let us know how it goes!” That’s disappointing.

More disappointing still, AFN will not be airing the Penn State game this week. I understand that Michigan is having a pretty shitty year, but ask anyone who went to PSU how big this game is. If Penn State doesn’t win this week, I am likely to have a breakdown of Brittany-esque magnitude. It’s for the harvest – you know what I mean? Let’s Go State!

MAJ X: You’re boss is really starting to piss me off.

Augmentee: You’re my boss sir, that doesn’t make sense.


Anonymous said...

omgomgomgomgomg i cant wait for penn state football

Anonymous said...

when brett favre called me, i cried. i have to do this! i have to play! or else brett favre will make fun of me. but whatevs. at least my girlfriend's meatpie is still right side in.

Anonymous said...

BOSK - sorry to break this news to you, but your wife's vagina is already real big (GINORMOUS!) and ugly (FUGLY!).

Please convey my condolences to your arm, which I presume is the primary contact with your wife's vag.

Anonymous said...

Augmentah - godspeed

Anonymous said...

Q: What do you call a Michigan cheerleader with two brain cells?

A: Pregnant