Sunday, July 6, 2008

D-214: The Gig Is Up

One of my Army buddies, one of the key players in "D-225: The Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Me," has discovered my blog. So, aside from my shame of having been "outed" as a keeper of a vanity blog, I will have to trust his discretion to not spread it around so that the whole operation doesn't get shut down. I trust he'll do the right thing.

God damned Facebook; he pulled the URL off my Facebook page. The news warned me about those damn networking sites.

He did take issue with the fact that I falsely stated that this unit had not been deployed since 2005 in "D-252: The FOB." This unit was in fact last deployed in 2006, redeploying in December of that year. {There, the correction on the record, stop crying.]

I stand by all my other remarks, and reserve the right to disseminate false information in lieu of actually doing any research, or just to make my stories more interesting and fantastic.
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