Tuesday, April 8, 2008

D-303: Immunization

I got five more shots today! FIVE! I got seven at WPAFB three weeks ago; and it's not as if I haven't seen a doctor in 10 years, I deployed in 2006. What are all these shots for? I really need to start keeping track of these things. They tried to give me another smallpox, but I diligently searched for my paperwork and by the grace of God found it; another disgusting smallpox scab would have sent me over the edge.

In spite of the lab work I had done at WPAFB, they need three more vials today, apparently there is some ambiguity over what my blood type actually is, so I guess that is worth sorting out. The HM3 who stuck both of my arms came away empty, so he had to send me over to the actual lab, where a civilian skillfully drew the vials without making me pass out, which is no small feat.

There is a spirit of docile acceptance among the IAs; everyone knows this is just part of the drill. There is a lot of waiting around time that we fill with cheerful griping. A few of us are going to Sushi tonight, which I am grasping to as the light at the end of the tunnel as I await my 1300 PHA appointment.

Note: For all of you aviators out there, a PHA is not the same thing as a Flight Physical - well, actually yes it is, but it is called something different and has a different number form, so your flight physical won't count. So if you want to save yourself about a half hour at NMPS, make sure you get a PHA when you are running through your checklist. However, like everything else on that checklist, you are going to repeat it all here at NMPS anyway, so I wouldn't spend to much time worrying over it.

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