Monday, April 21, 2008

D-290: Fort Jackson, Week 2

Week 1 Hotwash:

Sunday: Half Day Intro
Monday: PT, Gear Issue
Tuesday: PT, Weapons Issue, Briefs
Wednesday: PT, Briefs all day (horrible day)
Thursday: Briefs, Marksmanship Intro
Friday: M-4 Shooting, Group and Zero.
Saturday: Pistol Shooting, Done by 1400
Sunday: Liberty

The first week was very easy, PT was a joke, and then we stopped it all together; shooting was really fun. Do not worry about shooting if you are not a skilled marksman. They teach this stuff on the level of someone who knows nothing about guns, which was perfect for me. Just do everything they say and you'll be knocking down the 300m targets on your first try.

Working on Saturday is lame, but at least we got one night out. We went to Sushi in Columbia and then out to a bar for "sodas." They tell you on the first day no drinking, but it is very 'wink, wink, nudge,' they basically just don't want people acting stupid, and they a need a reason to cut your balls off if you do act stupid, but they really don't care if you go drinking. It is pretty much expected. This is not boot camp, they don't give us barracks inspections, or turn out lockers. They aren't checking that we're in our racks or turning out the lights. We only worked past 1700 once, and after that the Drill Instructors all go home, so technically you could drink every night, but you're going to be pretty tired if you do that.

Today we fired the rifle a bit more, and then went to a HMMWV (Hum-vee) trainer, where the thing turns upside down and you have to get out. It wasn't too hard, although it is challenging to move around with all your gear on. Then we got to drive a HMMWV through a course. It was a pretty fun day, my favorite so far.

Most of the people here are pretty cool. Obviously, the aviators grouped together and went to the bar. I think the SWOs went to the movies.

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