Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rough Start

When I publicly committed myself to posting something new every week, I really did not take into consideration the banality of my day-to-day life.  

Unfortunately, it looks like my buddy Brian really called his shot back in 2008 when he wrote;
“Of course, if you got out of the Navy and weren't in Iraq, on the Ike or dealing with hinges, I could see you quickly running out of material.”
All of those things have come true; I work in a pretty basic cube-farm, we have pictures of eagles on the walls with cute sayings about innovation.  The carpet is gray; the walls are pale blue.   The soothing chorus of clacking keyboards over the labored breathing of the severely overweight is only interrupted by occasional polite laughter in response to a sterile, unfunny joke.  There is usually a cake when it’s someone’s birthday, which, statistically is pretty much every day in a building of 400 people.  

It’s a nice enough place to work, but nobody drove a truck into a wall or nearly went blind drinking wine they made under their bed, so it sometimes can feel a little humorless.   It certainly does not offer up a weekly premise for a blog post of any value.

Alas, weekly is the commitment that I made right here in front of God and everybody, and while I’m sure my determination will eventually give way to other interests (baseball season), vanity alone prevents me from defaulting on my very first, post-resolution installment – in short, this is a blog about nothing.

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